Maxxx and I packed up the bikes today. all the electronic gear, charging devices,computers,spare parts,oil filters, one set of pants, couple shirts for layering and a pair of sandles. Also the luxury items such as…a 3 person 4season tent, sleeping bags,air mattress,and the ultimate, a mini pillow.The soft panniers which store the brunt of the gear, are set low on the back end to keep weight low for offroad handling. The orange bag you see holds only the tent. In the panniers, I put groups of stuff in different ziplock bags to try to keep it organized, we’ll see how long that lasts. With these bikes, space is more the issue and not so much weight, these bikes are 1200cc, so plenty of power. They also weigh close to 600 lbs. So a few more pounds is not critical, but its a 600 pond ballerina.