This is the bike that will be taking us down south. Its a 2016 Ducati multistrada 1200 enduro. I have done about 7500 miles on one of the two bikes, and about 4500 miles on the other. So I have done a pretty good shake down on the bikes. Only praise for this 600 pound ballerina.


It holds 7.9 gallons of fuel, and that will get us over 300 miles on a full tank. thats a big tank for those who do not know motorcycles. Engine and suspension are electronicly adjustable as you go down the road. Select how you want the bike to ride from the menu and , booya, there you go. We have heated grips for those cold parts of the trip. I have put a HID spot light on the front left, and I can direct the beam to where its needed. I have a garmin gps device mounted on the handlebars, this should be helpful in getting us lost.

we will be using Michelin anakee wild, tubeless tires. I figure in 30k miles we will go through 12 sets of tires at a cost of about $440 a set. Some of those tires are waiting for us, and some are not.oil changes are about every 7k miles and air filters are cleanable and will do so as needed.


this is what it takes to clean the air filter, 4 hours round trip. guess we’ll do that on a no ride day.



this is the adjustable HID light