first off, some new friends from the road

On the left is ken, we met near the redwoods, motorcycle guy on a 1981 honda cbr900, I should have taken a picture of his bike. Looked like it was new, a real survivor bike

on the right is michael, we met at the pescadero state beach, south of san francisco a few hours on highway 1. He was going fishing for a sunset while off for the day from the coast guard. somehow I feel the desire to tell people hes from Texas, he is, but I never would have guessed. Go lonestar state, thats for you Michael.

the trip really started on the road in Oregon from Obrien, waldo road(thanks ducati service guy in redmond wa). Twisty, narrow, clean, courteous logging truck road. What more do you want.Oh…scenery. Road ends in happy camp ca.Road south to eureka is nice scenery but not in best of shape, decent ride though.waldo road is worth going out of your way.

Eureka was good for some bbq, nice rub


somewhere on waldo road, sorry…no road

Next up was the ride from leggett Ca to the coast, in the dark. Thanks to my third eye (HID light) the nonstop twisties were lit up enough to do a respectable job on the road. we definetly did high fives when it ended at the coast. sun just set and Maxx whipped out the tripod and camera and took some shots, their in the camera and not on my computer so, no looky looky. few miles down the road we set up camp in the dark, ten minutes at the most says Maxxx, I just asked him.


hmmm…did I see the sign in the dark or not?

today was all about twisties, coast scenery, second gear (not fast for those non riders) and more twisties, and passing cars. Biggest life threat today was big trucks coming the other way on corners, they behaved though. Maxxx said he touched a foot on one corner, feet on pegs pointed down, thats leaning. These bikes seem to require more leaning than our naked sport bikes, I am thinking it the longer wheel base. Or maybe its just my head thinking things.

Golden gate bridge was nice to go over, but back up was a  reality check that we were not dead and in heaven, no backups in my heaven.Going down highway 1 out so SF was nice, more remote then I remember. And we like more remote, remote as in not many buildings or people, not like dirt road moonshine for sale on a tailgate remote.

this is a bit of the remote, south of SF and north of Pescadore.


So…Maxxx says “hey, since we’re living the dream why don’t we rent a couple of boards and kites and hit some surf” Hell, when your kid invites you into their world you gotta say yes…right. So we do just that and have a photo of us taken together surfin. Hey, its my blog  and I can write what I want. Thats my story. Maxxx says …we stopped on the road to watch the kite surfers and I took this photo of THEM. OK… I had a cigarette while I watched kite surfers, just like your not really on this trip with us, but maybe it feels like it. Your having potato chips and I had a cigarette. If I lost you bin there remember…I am not a writer, I just think fast and type.

We made it to Davenport, just north of Santa Cruz, and got a room at the Inn (so we can catch up on social media stuff). Unload the bikes and had a meal


A luggage stand and pillow made for a nice desk.