More of people from the road.

On the left is Mike from Boston. Visiting the bay area. We met him at a cliff side pull-off just south of carmel. Go Irish. On the right is Luca and his wife. Another cliffside pull-off. I think Luca was talking to Maxx about the Ducati’s before he shut the bike off. We soon found out why, Luca and his wife are both italians visiting the USA. We were as happy to meet italians as they were to see Ducati’s. We chatted for awhile about fine italian motor machines. For Maxxx and I being huge fans of our Ducati’s it just felt like a special treat. One day Luca….DO IT…who needs a job.

Maxxx sleeps in  a little more then I do. Once he is up he gets on to packing up the bike and getting ready. So we have been getting on the road a little later then I would do, but I have to let him enjoy his time on the road as well, nobody likes a nagging dad. I need to work on making some agreements with him on getting on the road at a time we can both be good with. So last couple days I think we have hit the road about 10am.


Going through the valley with I the produce we couldn’t resist the sign of 6 avacodos for a dollar. So much more we had to have, snacks for the road. Avacodos are a bit smaller then what I am used too, still a deal.


This is south of Carmel. From here it was many cars headed to Big Sur, I don’t understand whats there, but people seem to love it there. After that the traffic thinned out and the scenery turned to driving on the road carved out of the hillside.Nice and twisty for us to ride. Its a great ride all the way to the Hearst Castle at San Simeon. We didn’t stop for the sea lions nor the castle, we have done it before but if you haven’t it’s a must while your there. And it was obviuos many haven’t as they were filling up the parking lots. We road thru to san luis obispo and on to Lompoc staying on highway 1, nice ride through farmland.

here is a little of what we saw today. I am filming and Maxxx is the rider you see.