guayamas south was pretty BORING, until we hit 117 going to the mountains. it was crazy good after half way up to where it meets 16, and then 16 all the way to Tecaro. from 10 mph turns to 40 mph turns. scenery is really nice with steep edges and rolling mountains.The road on 117 had some bad asphalt spots but 16 was pretty smooth. One thing we are learning about the roads in Mexico is that you have to be attentive. The mountains give very twisty turny roads. At any moment in your lane could be:a boulder, oncoming car, pothole,people,donkey,horse,cow,firewood off truck,dirt turn to pavement,washed out side, but we had fun with all of it…oncoming truck was a little concerning.


first nights campsite on the mainland.

after Tecaro we headed for the town of creel on the outskirts of copper canyon. more good riding. stayed the night in creel and headed to the now all pavement road to the town of Batopilas. This road has many slides thast block portions of the road. What casme to mind was back in the states the falling rock signs, and then you never see rocks in the road. well thats because all the rocks are here, and no signs, you soon know what they are everywhere. I suppose its some of that unknown non maintained road that draws Maxxx and I to these places.

Yes…this is the dream, better then it looks. Andy…we thought of you while taking these shots.

out of the canyon and headed east we stay the night in the bush and leave by 7 am to make some time. this is unusual for us as Maxxx likes to sleep in, but we went to bed about 9pm.Making good time we stop in the town of Balleza and get a bite to eat.


we could not talk to the stand owner so she motioned us to come behind the counter to look in her four pots of food, we communicated two of each pot.These gorditas were very tasty. while there we met this young fellow…Edwardo

He was very attentive to us and asked questions, a girl and her dad were having a bite to eat also and the daughter knew english so she became our interpreter. The dad asked through his daughter if the bikes were italian, we replied yes and he seemed impressed, maybe an old girlfriend was italian and he had a good memory. We finished eating and got a photos withen Edwardo when much to our surprise the daughter asked if we would like to come see their pecan orchard down the road, dad was all full of pecans from his truck handing them to us and showing us how to crack them open with our bare hands. I thought wow, that would be great but we wanted to make some road time today and it was only about 930. I looked at Maxxx and asked him if he wanted to go to the orchard and no hesitation it was a yes, looking at me like….what you thinking.So we did.This was a major highlight for us, they took us all over their property, pecans, peppers, goats, chickens, down to the river, a local hot spring, to the cornfield.This was our first and theirs as well. She said thye had talked to some foreigners before, but never invited them over. we felt special and a connection to them.The tour turned into a cook out, corn carnes asada chili relleno…we feasted and it was about 3. We never got their names but it was obviuos it didnt really matter to any of us.

the group…and their home made salsa

They had a worker use their shaker machine to show us how it vibrates the trunk to get the pecan nuts to fall out of the tree.The dads grandparents came from France and planted the first trees.


workers placed nets below the tree to gather the nuts.

We said our good byes and Maxxx gave the daughter his instagram and I gave her my whatsapp and we were invited to stop back in on our way back up north. We tookn the old back road from Balleza to Parral and fromthere it was full speed ahead to Jimenez, where we stayed the night. Mid morning wake up and 6 hours ride on the autopista to Zacatecas, where we are tonight. uneventful ride except two things. Maxxx and I did our longest non stop section ever, about 4 hours. our other bikes only hold enough fuel to go 120 miles and so we road at most about an hour and a half before we needed fuel. The other event was the road 49 splits from 40 and before rio grande, there was a section about 40 miles of bad potholes, semi’s dodging them going out of their lane to miss em. I hit a couple and it was not fun.