So… we have been off the back roads for two days and onto the autopista, toll road freeway, it’s just not the same riding, but gets us south. We could wander all of Mexico for months, visiting towns and riding back roads, but we just don’t have that kind of time. This non exciting ride time gives me less to video and less to tell road stories, but gives me more time to reflect on Maxxx and me as well as people we have met….so I’ll talk about those.


So…this guy is Charlie, we met him today. We saw him looking at the bikes so we came out and talked. Although he has a BMW shirt on, he has a Ferrari phone cover, so he likes the italian machines as well. He was very enthusiastic about the bikes and our trip, as well as his welcoming and sharing of Mexico. In Baja people were friendly and nice, but when we hit the mountains and remote areas I think the people are a bit more reserved and in my brain it translated to not friendly or not welcoming. I know it was only my brains translation, but it seemed real. I know these people are very kind and as nice as anyone else, just with strangers I think it takes them awhile, plus in those areas life is simpler and people live on less, so I project into their responses the dollar inequality. One guy cooking us pollo asade (grilled chicken) mentioned how after 5 days of vacation people in his town would be out of money, so 5 months to him translated to we are rich. My god, I don’t dare let him know how much the motorcycles cost. The money inequality was so obvious.All I could tell him at the time was that money does not make life better, it’s just a different lifestyle. I think that may be too spiritual of talk for someone working hard to make fifty cents. He reminded me though…life is not fare. So very unfare at times. even down right cruel. But it can be just as excedingly beautiful, we have to do what we are capable of…with what we get. I guess that says it there…that’s why I am going on this ride with my 18 year old son. I want to live without fear, risk it all on a dream…. my only  fear is not getting an opportunity in life. It’s their and I am taking it. I am ALL IN…money, heart and soul. I only wish all my sons could be here…see.. I am always wanting more, but I want more not from just greed but to get the most from life…to be me.

As we have come off the backroads and into the fast lane (80mph no problem) into the cities, we have been approached more and people wanting to share their city and their country with us. We find many people living here today have lived a few years in the USA and moved back to Mexico. I feel their sense of USA and Mexico are friends. I thank those we met for sharing that.


The Army and Marina-Marines. We see them quite a bit at check points and in some towns. One person said they rule the country, and they have very high moral standards, and I get that sense. They appear to take their job serious and look very professional and I interpret that to be a high sense of pride in Mexico, to bring high morals and good safe life to Mexico. The policia patrol towns and have a high presence as well. I think theirs a few levels of police, the more heavily armed almost army like polkice, and then the local type police. The heavily armed ones sure look bad ass, and cover their faces- presumed for their own protection. All the marines, army and police we saw looked young, under 30. This feels like maybe a new era  of out with the old security and in with the new. And please remember…everything I say is my observation and my opinion. And I am entitled to it.I am not stating facts or opinions.I guess I felt that necessary for those who can show contrary to my opinions.But keep that in mind throughout my blog. Heck…I even change my opinion sometimes.



Thanks to riders Donn and Deby for turning us toward the city of Guanajuato. They are in the Seattle area and we will hear more about them later. You didn’t really tell me about the tunnels Donn, they are fun to drive in.

last of Mexico…


Before we leave maxxx picks up some dirt and put it into a small bottle.