Yup…and can’t get the van halen tag line out of my head.We are  making arrangements to fly bikes to bogota Colombia. we fly tuesday and the bikes fly wednesday. About $1,000 for the bikes each, and $470 for us each. Got new tires mounted today on the rears. Motorcycles typicaly wear two rear to one front tire, so when this rear goes so does the front. looking for a new chain, but no go. We will look in Bogota. Chains last about 15,000 miles. I can get two chains use, 30K, then need front and rear sprocket. think bicycle for those who don’t know those terms.20161023_181356

this is the view from the balcony of the relatives of friends who kindly are letting us stay with them…laundry too. treated to a steak dinner and a tour of old town panama was great for us. nice old and new architecture in panama.
Coming into panama from costa rica in the far north, or is it west? was very nice. narrow roads and mountain riding was great. very lush. very few people at the border. only a few vehicles in the couple hours we spent their.. few hours of riding and we were on the Pan-American highway. good road, but more like driving a highway with scenery every so often. it was getting dark and no cities in sight. we kept pushing on, asked in a couple small towns for a hotel, nope. oddly enough the small grocery store owners were Chinese, found out later they are likely descendents from workers who came over from the original panama canal work..e finally get a lead on a hotel, communication says it’s around the corner from the hospital, back in the direction we came, yet we didn’t see one. out of the dark a women’s voice say ….follow me…. it was the oddest thing to hear when we are used to hearing Spanish. so we followed, and luckily she appeared, we never would have found it. so signage or lights..he hotel looked like a house from the front..ven in daylight we never would have noticed the hospital..ome people just step forward at the right time. It only takes one.

Planning to wake up early and get the mmotorcycle ready for flying to bogota was our last event in panama. no roads that are passable by Western standards exist to colombia. and the jungle has what some would call rebel groups that may present some security issues we would like to not encounter.plans with an 18 year old sometimes don’t go as planned. maxxx is on his own time. I try to not be the nagging dad, but it does push my limits. I wanted to be at the cargo terminal by 10, well….t was more like 12. we processed the bikes and caught our flight with about 15 minutes before the cabin doors closed. too close for my liking with all the steps it took to get their. paperwork for bikes to fly, pall editing bikes, customs for bikes, taxi to airport, customs for us, security, check in, getting to gate. I said nothing though, it wasn’t going to help to complain, he knew it was too close. so…..bye bye panama and hello south america!