Maxxx and I try to have coffee in the morning so we went near the town square in Duitama, to have a cup. sure enough an older guy who spent time in the states offers us any help we need ordering drinks or anything else while in town, Ernest Espinosa even gives maxxx his phone number..sks the usual questions and we chat. as we leave and go out we walk by his table in the window and he motions to talk more. We stop ,after chatting with the old timers at his table, he comes out. he suggests we go another route north right out of town rather than a town further down. we listen and part ways.

as we load up the bikes to leave we are approached by Elcin and Jorge, they like the bikes, they ask usual questions , we chat. They more then suggest we not go the planned route through Belen and suggest the route out of town, same route as Ernest Espinosa (colombians use two or three first names). They go further to say it is possibly unsafe do to ELN in the area (rebels). hmmm, one ok…..but two in a row suggesting alternate route….we change our route. The route was pretty dam good. check video for that.



Riding up to charala was great, after that not so scenic or fun roads, lots of asphalt, then dirt then broken road, and traffic. hardly a person before charala…san gil is a great town, but big towns are not much our thing, unless we need parts. San gil to barichara is nice winding roads, we hoped were dirt, nope. much tourism and beautiful scenery. a vacation spot for many. two new drinks I like, quatro and pony malt.

Barichara from our window, ya…..tent is packed

Barichara church, bell ringing sometimes, not sure what it meens

I prefer soft sweet plantains, this is the firmer done like a potato chip

The brown rice was good

We are in tobacco area, so hoping to pick up some local cigars tomorrow. maxxx wants a ruana, common thick wool, lighter cotton version is a poncho..e might have to wait til we go south again, as it’s warmer here, bogota is kinda cold-cool.

Maxxx walking the narrow sidewalk. You don’t walk in the road, that’s for cars and motorcycles.

In the heat or humidity we think the oscilating fan mounted to the ceiling or wall is better then air conditioning. ssecond best option  in a room, wifi is best. hot shower third

This device heats the shower water, doubles as a shower head. electricity to the device. we see these often