Near Giron, we stopped, we were looking for pineapple slices and cigars. We heard they grow pineapple and tobacco locally, so we wanted to pick some up. At the store we were greeted with a family full of curious helpful people. this is just one, the most curious. they wanted pictures with us and on the bikes……how could we turn them down. We start with looking for the cigars, which maxxx finds, big and small. The money exchanging and not knowing local prices ,  sometimes our head is jello until we get used to that countries money. In colombia the exchange is huge numbers, decent actual prices, something like 3,000 to 1 usd. And they say mil instead of thousand. So a 50 mil bill is about 16 usd. So maxxx orders the cigars and we figure he must be saying 75 thousand which is about 25 usd, maxxx sets down the money and the guy looks at us like……no, that is way too much money, it’s 7500 which is about two and a half dollars. We are a bit surprised and happy for his honesty. that was like 50 medium cigars and 20 small cigarette size. I cant help but put myself back home  and think, if the cigars were 50 dollars and a foreigner was willing to pay 500 dollars. 

After refrescos, drinks, I ask for a colombia flag, which they have, it’s cost about three times the cigars. still less then 8 usd. We mount the flags on the bikes and many photos are taken. We find most people want photos of the bikes, not necessarily with us, but these folks did want them with us too. no pineapple slices to be found, then I see a sole pineapple sitting out front of the store, I ask how much, the young girl hands it to me and motions it’s a gift…..we are grateful. off we ride with good thoughts. 

We hit the pavement in Giron and make our plan to stay the night in bucaramanga. big city, we find the hotel and parking for the bikes, in the lobby.

It’s Halloween night and kids are on the busy sidewalks, same costumes you would see back home. meals are the hardest for us to figure out. we know some of the contents, but not the style, the way it’s prepared. we both agree we are tired of chicken and beef. chicken is as you would expect, but beef is thinly sliced and they like it wwell-well done. many remote villages have no menu, the  server just tells you what they have, oh boy, we eat whatever  comes.