The roads are twisty , clean, good pavement and clear weather. our next planned dirt is out to the tatacoa desert. we make good time and ride through beautiful areas. toward the last part of daylight it starts to rain. not much of a worry for us though, we stay dry and the outside temperature is still in the mid seventies. Seeing through our glasses, as visors become useless with dirt,humidity and this much rain, is the hardest part.

Maxxx finds another friend outside a gas station door.

Longest shovel I have ever seen.

As we head south of Madrid I am expecting dirt, but no longer, the route is fully paved with road work, which is slow going, maxxx starts to not feel well, it’s rain sprinkles again.. we keep the throttle twisted. we realize tatacoa won’t happen today with the time we have unless we press hard, I think with maxxx not feeling well could come road mistakes or bad choices, we opt for an easy day and  rest for maxxx. We find a hotel in Giradot.

This old guy took a liking to maxxx, touching to see. when going off road we ask locals if it’s safe for us to travel. this old guy said to ask locals as we got closer to tatacoa, but one route out of Giradot would not be safe for us, we choose an alternate route. safe not as in the road conditions. we prefer to keep our motorcycles and not be held for ransom type of safe.