The tatacoa desert is an unusual place in colombia. It’s   relatively flat and dry. we found it a nice place to be. My map said there’s a road that goes through and connects south where we want to go. locals say the road is either not passable, or there is no such road, we can’t tell the difference in sign language. we decide to go back to the main road where we came from and head south from there.

At our place for the night.

We met these two while eating lunch..hey had been riding their kawasaki out in the desert.

Not a bad stop over and resting place for maxxx

Warning……learning curve in process on the video camera. I started the trip shooting wide angle and that distorted too much and made maxxx look way out in front of me when he was pretty close. I switched to narrow and liked the closeness perspective and detail it gives, but if the camera is not aimed just right, it looks like this video. After this I switched to medium view and it looks to work well. My next fix is to get audio from our helmets onto the video. I have the device, but it then cuts out the ability for maxxx and I to communicate. we like to talk as we ride, as well as its a safety feature to warn of turns and where we’re going. I posted this video mainly for maxxx and I to have to remind us of the great ride. to date it probably been the best dirt and scenery combined. It’s also much better live then video. cameras and words for me are not as good as being here. I cant explain well enough and video doesn’t really capture the full experience. I can also only write a small amount of what we did, who we met and all the funny stuff we do randomly. the best video never gets shot because unless something great happens while the camera is on, we are too busy in the moment experience it to think…..turn the camera on. and we don’t set up any shots or do things to “”make good video”