This road is known as one of the south American Death roads, called the trampoline or something like that. This road is very rugged from Mocoa to Sibundy, dirt and really only one lane but it’s a two way. Oh…..nd did I mention it’s a cliff over the edge. At one point a large delivery truck stopped  and was letting me pass on the uphill side, I motioned it looked too narrow, he didn’t move, so I went for it. Him stopped and me creeping forward the bike tilts and I can’t keep it up, but the bike can’t fall over since the rock wall was only a few inches away, and on the other side his truck is only a few inches away. As I have mentioned before these heavy bikes don’t maneuver well when not moving over 5 mph, here I am stopping and going, trying to muscle my 600 pound ballerina, feeling more like a 600 pound rock.. scoot past the 30 foot truck, and now it’s me watching Maxxx in the side mirror. He makes it most the way and leans the bike over toward the rock wall and stops, the truck sees him and notices his truck tires are clear of him and the truck pulls forward, maxxx is clear. On our way to more fun..ou know you getting up high when you pass above radio and communication towers.

Can you see the sandbag bunker at the base of the tower? this was only part way up, we went much higher.

On these one lane roads you learn some rules real quick. On inside turns you hug the wall around a corner, as you can’t see oncoming traffic. And on outside turns you don’t cut the corner to the wall. many places the road is wide enough for a car and motorcycle to pass in opposite directions, usually neither slows down. All in all it was a fun ride, the bikes take a pounding, but that’s what their made to do. We get more concerned for the tires, rock punctures and slices from the sharp crushed rocks sticking out from the road like spikes. maxxx’s  bike is currently nursing a decent slice between the knows, hoping it can last another 3 weeks and few thousand miles. I have dirt planned for that tire. I may try a road fix on it, outside patch.

Father and son who stopped to look at the bikes and take pictures. They were on one bike.

Final thoughts on Colombia
The dogs are bigger