More fun at the border. At this remote location you cross into Ecuador at a bridge, there are soldiers who ask where your going and where did you come from, check passports and then  you move along if they like your answers. When you cross the bridge your into Ecuador, yet no paperwork, that comes about two miles down the road. There is a joint building where you do migracion-people  and aduana-vehicles. We made record time for migracion in both countries, counters are next to each other. record time in colombia  aduana, then Ecuador aduana we get the paperwork out, clerk notices I own both bikes, so we pull out the legal permission document we got in Costa rica. He is very attentive and actually reads the thing. He doesn’t like that it doesn’t specifically say Ecuador, and it was not generated in our home country. He gets his fellow worker involved, a couple phone calls to someone I presume is his boss. And…..nope, this document will not work. He won’t budge, he says we can take one bike into Ecuador, get legal document and come back. I say you will provide security for our motorcycle left behind? he says no. I try to appeal to his heart, I say this is not an easy task not knowing language, I won’t leave the bike unsecure and maxxx staying with bike has two problems, he needs to sign the document, and I am not comfortable about leaving my son at a foreign border that may have some bad people- we really don’t know. I say if your a dad, would you do that to your son. He comes up with we can take both motorcycles into town, get paperwork and return. No further then town. Just then his fellow worker who was earlier the nicer one seems to say to him, you can’t do that, they may not come back. The guy says some stuff we think is like, come on, what’s the big deal, they’ll come back, they need both motorcycles to go into town, it’s not secure here. The guy who was picky about paperwork was now talking softly as if appealing to his fellow worker to go along with the idea. We see there’s an issue and I type into the translator that we WILL come back, we can’t travel without paperwork. In my head,  its racing for ideas, from just take the bikes and make them stop us from entering-crazy  idea,  I leave maxxx here with bike and in unknown town and I return and hope all is ok. He’s 19 and a big boy, but he’s not like 25 and seasoned on his own. leaving him doesn’t sound comfortable, plus he may need to sign paperwork. …leaving the bike behind unsecure sounds like a really bad idea to me as well. So both clerks seem to agree reluctantly, go into town, find notaria to do paperwork, return. We do just that, four hours after entering aduana we leave. We head back to town, thirty minutes away, as we get to town we get waved over by the police. They never stop us, we wonder what’s up. Police mention aduana paperwork, we show him we have it. He explains aduana radioed them saying we left paperwork at the counter. We thank them and head back, on the way we see a Nacional policia road stop, before we even stop a second officer has his phone out and is taking pictures of the bikes. the officer asking questions poses for a photo, they motion we can move along. When we get back to aduana I get paperwork and ask how many foreigners they get through this crossing, he says never. I press a bit more and he says in two years working there, maybe ten foreigners on motorcycles, a couple Swiss and a few Germans, that leaves about eight Americans in two years. their good for another four months for no foreigners now that two of us came through.  They add, foreigners don’t come through here because of Guerillas in Colombia.

Maxxx posing for photo in front of notaria. he’s hot, tired and frustrated. total cost of this headache….. $65.47 , and ecuador currency is us dollars. oh, and a quarter tank of fuel, in each bike. The good news of the day…..we got a local pineapple, literally sold on the side of the road, total cost….one us dollar.

Breakfast, there’s a whole egg in there surrounded by potato mash and shredded beef, tastes good. the chocolate was served hot water and you put in powdered chocolate, coffee is hot water then you add nescafe.

Pizza shop on wheels..ots of street vendors, I like the vibe.

Trout dinner, garlic seasoning, very tasty. Total cost for this plate, six dollars. For lunch we had a whole fish plate, soup and juice, three dollars each.