Maxxx’s tire got a bad slice in between the tread from a sharp rock. Replacing it so we don’t turn a 2 hour fix now into a couple day adventure on some back road.

Fresh rain, steep terrain, clayish soil make for the road impassable for us. a clue should have been when the local old guy parked his truck at the bottom and took his donkey up the hill. he helped us get the bikes upright more then once. After going down twice each in this stretch, and twice on another, once getting thrown pretty hard, we decided to walk the bikes down, one at a time. We could barely stand on the snot, let alone ride on it. we were uninjured, but I cracked a front mount for the stuff in front of the handlebars. gonna be a road fix with jb weld, the all around-sounds like BS-BUT true, epoxy fixer. By the time we crashed for the last time it was back to raining, and almost dark. Just getting the bikes down with us, and them, still alive was the goal. we leaded for the rutted side to use as a guide for the wheels and all the mud in it would keep the bikes from gaining speed from its 600 pounds. snow and mud are our enemies with these bikes. in the dark we get the bikes to more level ground and head back a few miles to stop and ponder. we are muddy, wet even on inside from sweat, and tired. posted further down the road by a local we hit the town Parque-square and ask for a hotel. First one is no go, gone for the night. There’s this kids carnival going on, with nobody on the rides, so there’s this fun bizarre-here?..really?feeling. a local guy sees we need help and walks us down the street to some other men on the sidewalk and communicates to us, one of them has a place we can stay. it’s a hotel with no signage. it all makes for a great story to tell later, but a real bitch at the time, we just wanted to be done with it. batteries were dead in the go pro, and we really weren’t thinking, hey let’s get a shot of this.

Maxxx and his new poncho from Otovala

Pork, on the side of the street.

You could make a trip of just visiting small town with big churches. doesn’t seem to matter that the town is remote.

This one is for my grandson, he is a spiderman fan….love you Marcel