Salinas goes a bit lower on the map.
It’s  been great

We arrived in Angamarca looking to stay the night. locals directed us to a family that had a little cabin. we ate dinner with them and maxxx helped their daughter with her English homework. They have one cow for fresh milk that they process in the kitchen.This town is high in the mountains, as many are. we find villages at 13,000 feet elevation. they typicaly grow crops and have sheep or cattle. we do see some alpaca, but not too many.

A true admirer of the bikes. we were surprised at how much he knew about them. Thanks for chatting Jimmy

A group shot of about half the people gathered, others were a little shy. had a few good laughs. They let maxxx wear the poncho and sombrero.This is in Angamarca.

Maxxx just can’t help himself when it comes to puppies.

We met these guys on the backroads. The two guys from Oregon rented motorcycles for a week and are riding ecuador. The Ecuadorian extended his ride to ride with them for part of the day.