We road some great backroads. going to over 11k feet on steep dirt. currently at Cotopaxi park, mountain is over 19k, we are at over 12k.

Wwhen we go to enter park the road is blocked by cones. Park entry closes at 3 and we are too late. we go to the parking lot at entry and notice a sign for park administration and think it’s the ticket office. they inform us no entry after 3. Then Ranger notices we are on motorcycles and says, we have another problem. no motorcycles allowed in park. He says tomorrow we can get a taxi and go into park, we say we’re passing through on our way south and not doing a taxi or walking in. Another man is sitting with him behind the desk, they talk, he asks what we are doing in park, we say passing north out of park, he asks if we’re camping. we say no, he says there is one hostel in park. The two talk more…..he  says the guy behind the desk is the boss man, he stetes…. this is the first and last time he will allow motorcycles in park. We shake hands to thank him. In our heads were think ….ya…right. He says he will notify the  guards at the North gate so we have no issues, stating his boss says it’s OK, he also signs a park pamphlet and writes something on it. We will have no problems being in park. We pass the cones and make our way into park, got stopped by some Rangers and asked what we’re doing, maxxx motions were going up the road, they seem mad. We keep going and make our way to the hostel. After checking in, it’s slow here, no people but us, I ask the four hostel workers hanging out…..how long since you have seen big motorcycles in park?. I want to feed my curiosity of the boss man, workers confirm, we are the first two motorcycles they have seen in the park in eight years since they have been banned, and in the eight years he has worked there. Not just big motorcycles, but any motorcycles. My mind spins and I am sure my draw dropped….we feel special now

The workers at the Tambopaxi hostal , in Cotopaxi. No I didn’t spell hostel wrong, that’s the way they spelled it.

The other moto is a workers, they have allowed that in the park.

Cotopaxi in the background, we are at 15,190 feet.that the highest I have been on a road, paved or dirt.

I dumped the bike over again, going through mud and water, a rather undramatic spill. It broke what was left holding on the windscreen and everything above the black front beak. I broke the top mounts when I dumped it over earlier in the week. For now it’s electrical tape and the wiring harness holding it together. I’ll try jb weld again with some reinforcement wire embedded in the epoxy, the earlier repair didn’t hold long without reinforcement.

The view out of our room.We rode out of the park from the north entrance, we had to convey to the Ranger we had permission to be in the park. This is a rather remote entrance and a high clearance vehicle would be needed. washed out and unmaintained.A nice ride for us. we only came across one truck in an hour of driving, and he was asking us which way to the park.