Our Thanksgiving chicken dinner. we stopped on the side of the road to figure out the hotel we wanted to get for the night and this guy pulls up behind us and asks about the bikes and if we needed any help. We get to talking and now a friend of his who has a motorcycle shop in town is having a new tire for my bike flown in from Lima, solving my balding tire issue. Tires for these bikes are not available anywhere as they all have small bikes.He then invites us to stay at the local firestation for the night, he works their and they have an extra room we can stay in.

As we get to the station they open the gates and direct us to a covered parking spot with all their vehicles.  a warm and thankful day. Maxxx and I talked of helping someone out today if the opportunity arose. Instead we end up being the ones who are thankful for the kindness we received. We are thinking of our family back home knowing those who can be, are together.

As we started to load up the bikes this morning, this group formed. They were taking photos of the bikes so I offered them to sit on it and have their shots with them on the bike, they loved it. Once again we were overwhelmed with their curiosity.