I will have to fill in the space between this post and the last one in another post.long story, short….in Lima peru, each bike got a new front axle, each bike got a new left front fork.on our bikes, since they are electronic controlled suspension, the right fork is mechanical and normal and the left fork is the electronic one and it does all the adjustments to smooth out the ride. How a different left and right fork can work together I don’t know …cause if I did I would have invented it.

The bikes were done yesterday and we were going to leave and then the night before I got the Peruvian holy Hershey squirts. …baaadddd.so we didn’t leave. Woke up today feeling pretty good so we headed out. 

We are now in the town where we got the axle made and will continue our trip up the road past where the axle broke. Much too scenic up there to miss it. That was an 8 hour backtrack to get here, but it will be worth it.


This  is one of the two donor bikes off the showroom floor. Left fork is now ours.

 The bikes are done, left side as you sit on it, fork is new…the silver thing attached to the front wheel

If you look close at the tube it’s  deformed  a bit on each side, almost the bottom of photo