You can Google the route and see where it goes. It is fairly well known, but we came across only locals on our one day goes high into the mountains and loops around and brings you back to the main road through another high pass. High pass meaning like 15,500 feet elevation.thats where we ride, the mountain is even higher. Great scenery. We started in yungay on dirt roads and ended in huaraz on pavement. Bicyclist like to ride the opposite direction so they can climb on the pavement and descend in the dirt, easier for them. We wanted to do the opposite. No problems for us or the bikes at the altitude. Nice to report everything is good with the bikes. 

Christmas seems a bit subdued here. Nobody saying Feliz Navidad, just lighting fireworks like it’s the fourth of July. Maxxx bought some bottle rockets and other blow up stuff, so we have been lighting those. Young kids seem good at lighting their firecrackers too. I think they learn at am early age the dangers. 

For our Christmas we will be riding the bikes. We are both still tired of just hanging out… we ride like reindeer for christmas…..not sure what that meens, but it came to mind. Maybe it means without a clear path, with good spirits, and let the spirit of the day guide us.