We got in to carhuaz just as it was getting dark and the street market was still going. There were lots of fireworks for sale and some kids toys. Maxxx decided he wanted some fireworks, we didn’t load up since we figured people would be blowing them off on Christmas night. In front of our hotel we shot off bottle rockets and some ground bloomers and one big thing we thought was a fountain but was a buzz bomb, it spins in the air shooting out sparks and then blows up, when that happened the looks on our face said it all, we were pleasantly surpised.
Our family has a get together on Christmas eve to celebrate, so we called home and they passed the phone around so we could connect. Just not the same as being there, but it was nice to have a connection to family.

Turns out all the fireworks in the city get lit off at midnight Christmas eve, surprise, they must have gone full force for twenty minutes, rockets, mortars, firecrackers. Sad for us there were no fireworks to be had at the market the next morning.

We soon rode that dirt road….crazy

yYes, We rode from the far distant mountains, and then some.