Today we headed south on the main road. Concepcion to ayacucho, via La esmeralda. I was expecting more  smooth boring paved road and lots of miles. Instead this main road turns from two lanes to one single lane along a long river. A pleasant surprise for us. Attentive riding with spots of washed out road and dirt in places. They have dips in the road usually on corners where water runs off from the hillside. Some of these are small streams , others barely a trickle. Maxxx went down on one of these today at low speed. No injury to him or the bike. A car passing stopped and helped maxxx and I lift the bike up, and we were back on the road. I am glad we have good protective pads built into our clothing.these dips in the road get slick in spots from water and sunlight, kinda like slime. We are aware of it and try to be careful but sometimes it’s just too slick. Even after maxxx’s fall I later hit another one, turned the bike sideways, but I was able to ride out of it. Just another day in riding south america. Don’t worry mom we are being is our first priority.


I also did a little video shooting today for the first time since we left Lima. It’s harder to edit and load up then photos and burns up off the bike time, but I think it gives some people the idea of what the actual riding is like. Nobody’s said they missed the videos…so we will see.