While getting ready to leave huanuco I hear an American voice next to me and look up, sure enough it an American living and running a motorcycle repair and tour shop in town. We chat for a bit and he tells us a route that he does and says it has one of the best scenic routes in all of peru on it. This route will put us back on our main route in about three or four days, that’s a two or three day detour, but he says it’s super nice, I talk with maxxx later about it since he is eager to get south, but agrees is sounds like we shouldn’t pass it up.so we ride the route, the first days riding is not on my GPS so we have to ask locals the way, not hard since there is usually one, maybe two roads out of town, but you have to be on the right one, no signs out here. 

The first days riding is crazy beautiful, mountains, llamas, large wide views, 14k feet roads. I would put it in the top five roads in peru and in the top ten of our trip.

Crops at 14k feet elevation. A common sight. Above photos are all the first day from pariam arca to Paucartambo. The water crossing was our longest to date and went rather smoothly, not even wet feet.

extremely Small town of Yaupi, I think this is all the males in town. Construction workers stopped and came over to check out bikes, there’s a few more you can’t see. We first ate in the building behind the photo, these guys were looking at us and talking and some laughing, they were not talkative to us, we were defiantly the aliens who landed in town. We got up from lunch shortly after them and came outside to a crowd. We tried some small talk and then as soon as I invited them to sit on the bikes the ice broke and we were going to leave town alive. They were all smiles and laughing at each other talking pictures. 

This little guy was a bit hesitant but his family member was happy to put him on the bike.

this Guy seemed a bit tough and jaded toward us. But after seeing others on the bike he had to have his turn, after being on the bike his better half seemed to come out. I took this shot as his buddy took a couple photos of him.

This is now our longest water crossing to date, must be a couple hundred feet, you can see the new bridge being built..these two guys walked there bike across. 

Maxxx got his feet wet on this one. Mine stayed dry.shortky after this was a steep climb on a single lane dirt road with blind corners, honking helps as you approach, these truly are death roads, slow and attentive is the way to go. It started raining as we climbed, then rained harder and the fog cover the high mountains. I was damp but maxxx was getting cold, so the most beautiful road in peru was not showing itself today, and maxxx had warmth on his mind.

Here he is warming his hands and feet and trying to dry out his Sox, they got dryer but also burned a hole in one.this is at a little food place off the road.

This is the trucha, trout, I had while he dried his sox. Potatoes are famous here in peru, she made some killer choufa arroza,fried rice, also