We woke up to rain, so we suited up a bit more. Our jackets have detachable collars for foul weather that we normally don’t use. We used them today. The road south climbs right away from about 9500 feet to 14k feet. We were in the fog and clouds so we couldn’t see the views. We could barely see each other. When we get in the thick fog we turn on our hazard lights to be seen better, see mom, we try to think safety.due to all that fog and cold I only took a few pictures. Since there is a lot of silence time on the bike, I thought I could take advantage of the fog and do our first set up picture. I rode ahead and waited on a foggy turn and would try to catch maxxx coming out of the fog

The fog finally cleared and we could see the high mountain grasslands. We then dropped in elevation and we’re back down in the valley

We rose up one more time before we came down. Our resting place for new years eve was in sight, Abancay Peru

It’s still 18 miles of switchbacks and going round the mountain to get there.

Our plan for celebration is to blast off a few fireworks we got at the open market and then go to our hotel rooftop to watch the people in the  city blast off all their goodies.

The city really let loose and small fireworks everywhere. Everything is made of concrete and metal so i think the city wont burn down. I guess it’s tradition at new years to eat fruit cake and drink hot chocolate and some champagne. Our hotel owner was very much into giving us the Peru experience and for us to feel welcome….and we did.