All dirt, great riding.heres some photos and I will update about the ride.

Yes…this is a road.on maps.

Our place for the night. Over 15k feet elevation. Woke up to snow on the bikes

We rode back an hour to try and find the bag, no luck. Riding back too two hours due to heavy fog, we found it less than five minutes from where we noticed it gone. We were very happy, it has all the bikes documents, my passport and computer and clothes in it.

Maxxx noticed the bag was missing off my bike and the straps wrapping into my axle and chain

Not sure you can see them but any of those dots are alpaca

Maxxx and his Llama, pronounced Yama here. This is the only place for miles, they process the animals in the building in the back. Many alpaca and Llama hides laying out to dry. Small was all we have space for. We’re not sure if they process wild animals or if their from locals who herd them. Lots of alpaca and Llama roaming the high mountains, some with people in sight and others with not a sole for miles.