Just out of uyuni there is an old train bone yard. Looks like they dismantled them and just parked the hulks. You can look on line for better pictures, its very well known.

This is the train cemetery

Long dirt packed road wear almost to the border. Open scenery but nothing extra special. Almost to the chile border we take a dirt road south. This scenery is …..wow, note worthy.

Some washboard road but not too bad. Rocks, sand the usual for some of these more remote roads. These are high open valleys, wind blowing and cold. Volcanoes all around.we are at about 14k feet here. About an hour and a half into the dirt road we started to get the thunder, then lightning. Dark where we were from the storm, but you can see clear blue skies on the other mountains in the valley. Then a little hostal oasis. Right next to a lake with pink flamingos. As we walk in it starts to rain. This place is remote, off the grid. Candle light dinner for us. There’s six bicycle riders her from France besides us. The get a large room and use their sleeping bags. We choose beds.