Headed south and then into Chile for tires. We are on the famous ruta 40, but it’s a long road, over three thousand miles and I don’t think  this is the famous part. My GPS puts us on a short cut, ruta 39, that goes to dirt and then a water crossing  with no bridge. As we assess the crossing a couple other cars approach and it seems there no always watet here. It’s sandy,long and swift deep water in spots. There’s a paved road and bridge a few miles back so we will take that.

The road south is flat,open valleys ×I think mountains far away. But this scenery is not exciting and the ride is just a means to get south. 

When we stop for fuel in a really small town we see this custom machine. There’s two of them and for whatever reason they’re in this town.

We stop for the night and get these tasty sandwiches from a street vendor. Less then three dollars each.

The next days ride is more of the same riding. We stop for the night west of Mendoza. The road starts to head into the mountains and the scenery gets better. This is also wine country with lots of vineyards and winery’s. There is a nice lake and what looks like a town where it will be nice to stay. It’s somehow a tourist area and the underwhelming room we have is $75 usd. We should have camped but our routine keeps us in a room. 

The cold beer is our punishment for not camping.

Turns out the town isn’t a town really and doesn’t have much to offer. We walk the street to the central area where a local says there’s free WiFi near the police station. Ya….if you have the password. No wifi for us.

The next day we head west to the border crossing. Scenery here is nice as we ride next to a big River up into the mountains. The mountains are bare but scenic.