Heading south to make it to the end of the world. Time and budget is running low so we are doing long days on pavement and camping under the stars.maybe tomorrow we will be there for a total of five days from santiago.

The ferry onto the island of Tierra del fuego

The border into argentina during our run to rio grande

We are now well into Tierra  del fuego. Happy to be this far south. Today was cold and rainy and windy…sounds like fun, doesn’t  it? We met a seventy year old German man last night, riding his Honda solo to ushuaia. Maxxx chatted with him for a bit, he was wanting us to camp with him but we wanted to make more time south so we moved on. When we left our camp spot this morning who do you think we see at the gas statiom….the old German guy. We chatted for a bit more. It’s dry at the gas station but just down the road it’s thick mist that turns into rain. This goes on for well over two hundred miles. Maxxx and I talked later that we both thought about him riding in the cold. He rides a bit slower then we do, but we are sure we will see him again. When we do we will spend some time with him. He only speaks German, no English and no Spanish. He must be great at sharades. 

Note…we did not see the old guy again, we met someone who did though. He was still moving south. We sure thought about him though

On the island of Tierra del fuego

It’s been a long day . We rolled into rio grande argentina around one am. Two border crossings and bad weather. I think the wind is some of the worst conditions on a motorcycle, and there’s no way to protect yourself from it. You just lean the bike into the wind and give extra space on the road in case a gust pushes you to the side. Three feet would not be an exaggeration to get pushed. Light bikes get the worst, but our bikes are heavy so this is where it helps us, as the wind has more resistance from the weight of the bike.

End of the road

 Considered to be the furthest point in the world you can ride too