Back in Rio grande we noticed my front tire looking a bit low on tread. While in ushuaia only a bit over a hundred miles we saw it looking worse, so now it’s find a tire. I activated my cell phone to go online to find a shop, and talking to locals in Rio grande it seems our only bet is to Punta arenas. Locals gave us a great dirt road to catch some scenery, of course we took the wrong one and had a few hours detour but finally after a river crossing and some closed, but not locked gates, we found the road a few hours later.we missed the ferry so it will be drive around while low on fuel. So it’s stay at the only closed gas station on the way

Arriving in punta arenas about ten a.m. I activated my cell phone to call the shop to see if he had tires….yes he does but he’s leaving town in an hour and won’t be back until tomorrow. We zipped over to the shop and got two new tires at a reasonable price, about what a shop would charge in the states. We were released as tires for these big bikes can be hard to find and there’s not too many shops in argentina or chile who stick them. If he didn’t have them in stock he said it would take at least ten days to arrive, we knew that so you can imagine our relief. There’s no way we were going much further without tires….I told my mom safety first, I try to live by it and not just pacify her. It’s a good awareness to have on the road as there are lots of opportunity for mistakes. It doesn’t feel dangerous to ride motorcycles but is an awareness that’s necessary.

The tire is more worn then it looks.ueneven wear and at the wear bar