We arrive in town to get gas, cash machine money and go to the glacier argentina loves. Only to find out I don’t have my atm card, it seems I left it at the gas station yesterday about four hours away. Maxxx’s card has no money. I call my bank and they tell me how to transfer money from my account into his. It’s rather easy and pretty dam weird  how all the electronics can work from my cell phone in a gas station in argentina. It works and money is available in minutes. I’ll have to transfer all the money from my account into his then cancel my card.

Cash in hand, full tank of gas and we’re off to the glacier that people have told us not to miss. We haven’t really done the tourist thing but we have some time to do it, we’re close and it should be a nice drive. The glacier is down to the water from the mountains and is pretty huge.we do a little walk, take some pictures and it’s off to find a camp spot. We decide on an alternate,dirt, road back to calafate. It take us south to another lake and there’s free camping….sweet for us. Good night and sweet dreams….oh….There’s cell phone service way the heck out here. I guess tourism has to accommodate to the client