Maxxx has been wanting a tattoo that would represent our journey. Early on he had some ideas and with help from his sister in law they came up with a design. It’s been almost a couple months ago and it was not looking like he would be getting it on the road. Then on our last night in Chile it all fell in place within a matter of hours.

Before the tattoo though we had to bring the bikes down to the shipping warehouse where they will sit for a couple weeks waiting for a couple more bikes to show up and all be shipped together.

This warehouse manager, who fell in love with our bikes, says in the nine years he has been there these are the first Ducatis of any kind he has seen. He says they get Aprilia and Agusta and lots of BMW and KTM but no Ducati. 

As we walk out of the tattoo studio these guys are painting the murals you can see. Takes about a day and a half to paint. They do it for free to help beautify the area. We made a donation for materials.