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A Dad and his son Maxxx




Maxxx is a recent graduate of high school and taking a gap year to do this motorcycle ride with his Dad. He started riding dirt bikes when he was 6 years old. All of those years he developed into a good rider. At 14 He hopped onto his first street bike, a Ducati monster, 998cc with 130 horsepower. Maxxx has been to Baja a few times when ┬áhe was younger but hasnt been south of the US border in nearly 10 years. I don’t know what happened other than to say he is a natural. I took him to a school yard parking lot and ….he had the touch, its clutch and throttle control. learn to master those and you’re well on your way. We use helmet radios, and that helped to tell him the right place to be on the road and make corrections and learn, as we rode. Four years and 30k miles later…we are headed to combine our on road with our off road…..our world is opening up.




My dad rode his first motorcycle in 7th grade, a Honda trail 70 that within only a few months, was no longer running. Once he became an adult he bought a Honda cr250 elsinor. A few bikes later and getting married the priorities shifted, this resulted in he didn’t have a motorcycle for nearly 17 years later. Fast forward to 2006 he buys a 950 KTM adventure after having the dream to travel to south america, but not being able to do so and needing to sell the bike within a year. Now, finally after 15 years that dream is coming true as him and his son Max head down to the very tip of Argentina on their new motorcycles.

this site

I am no aspiring writer or travel guru. I am hoping to share a bit of what we do so you may be entertained. I am letting this just develop on its own and any videos or blogs, vlogs or pictures will be pretty raw and not polished. If anything appears that way then, its just that way. I invite you to interact with us and to affect our trip. Use email, whatsapp, wechat,or the comments section, or any other means you have to ask questions or tell us some odd cool places to go. No guarantee we will go, cause I gotta be me, but we are open to suggestion.


The route


we are headed to south america. The south tip, Ushuaia Argentina is the place to get your picture at. We are taking six months to do this trip. It’s not a one way trip, we are riding back too.We are motorcycle riders looking to do a great trip, this will do. We are looking to do some of the main roads, but the goal is to get off the main path.


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